About The Artist


I have been painting and writing for as long as I can remember. The first “book” I ever wrote had exactly one sentence in it: “The dog fart at the cat.” and I drew a very graphic illustration to go with it. I was three and half years old when I created that masterpiece and my mom, who was also a painter, kept that original work and memorialized it with the attached note that read: “My daughter just told me that she wants to ‘write pictures and paint stories when she grows up.’”

I spent twenty years floating between teaching, inner-city ministry, and artiing (which should really be a proper verb) but it wasn’t until I got married in 2015 that I truly began to focus on my art.

My husband and I reside in a charming Texas town called Galveston, which is a small-ish island off the Gulf of Mexico. We have two fur babies, Oberon and Whimsy, and a turtle named The Mandalorian — Manny for short. My husband is a novelist and the pair of us spend most of our time writing our pictures and painting our stories while enjoying seaside spots of inspiration around the island.

We are working hard to develop AxiosArt.com so that you can visit virtually and I am also accepting commissions for custom paintings and sketches.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at AxiosArtCentral@Gmail.com for more information.